Press Clipping
TreeHouse! – Lifted

A trio based out of Myrtle Beach, TreeHouse! has been jamming up and down the east coast since 2010. After five years, the band has worked up to a tour schedule composed of hundreds of shows a year, including playing support to many of the scene’s nationally touring acts. With two albums out on iTunes, in 2015 TreeHouse! continues on with the release of their third independent record. Titled Lifted, the project is made up of 12 tracks which were recorded and mixed in Charleston, South Carolina, by Wolfgang Zimmerman. The record was mastered by the infamous Jason ‘Jocko’ Randall, at More Sound Studio in Syracuse, New York.

Lifted features a balance of the band’s older styles with a range of newer influences. For this album the band dug into their stock pile of songs, recording some favored older live jams. Full of texture featuring sounds of saxophone, trumpet, keys, didgeridoo and percussion, TreeHouse! invites fans to sit back and get ‘Lifted.’