Press Clipping
HEY, MON…TreeHouse!: Treehouse!, John Brown’s Body: Kings and Queens in Dub

The band TreeHouse! Consists of Jeremy Anderson/g-tp-voc, Matt Link/b and Trey Moody/dr along with guests Jason Hazinski/sax, Joe Harley/key, Parker DeWitt-Alex Winchester/perc and various other friends in cameo roles. The music is a dash of reggae and world music, mostly upbeat and with infectious grooves. Chunky guitar chords on “Babylon Pressure” as well as ones that go wacka wooka are found on”Mellow” while straight ahead Jamaican pulses are felt on “Embrace the Change” and “Follow Your Calling.” Other moods fit into 60s soul like ATCO records with “Take It Away” and Zach Fowler brings his own voice along with some heavy horns on “Look Into The Stars.” Most of the themes are life affirming and optimistic, and there’s nothing wrong with that these days.

The band John Brown’s Body mixes big brass sounds along with reggae and synths on this release that is mixed with lots of textures. Ska grooves are felt on “Wordwide Dub” and “Pulsing Dub” and even a hint of the Texas Two Step pops up on “Gallows Pole Dub.” There’s a predominance of echo on the guitars on some of the pieces such as “Sound and Fury Dub” and “Land of Plenty Dub,” and even the saxes get a bit over treated on “My Guiding Dub.” Electronic voices are felt on “Fracture Dub” making this whole album a bit on the synthetic side as opposed to a more organic vibe.